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My name is Mya, but online I go by the name Chaotic. I am a disabled 19-year-old anthro artist and costume maker from the United Kingdom. Bringing characters to life is one of my favourite things to do.

I learned to sew in 2017 and made my first fursuit in 2018. I started Chaoticreations in 2019 under a different name, and rebranded later that year. Fursuits and fursuit making are my biggest interests, and I am constantly striving to improve my work with every costume I make.

Fun facts about myself:

- My pronouns are they/them and I am nonbinary.

- I really love demon hybrid characters. I would jump at the chance to make a fursuit of one.

- Black and light pink is my favourite colour pairing! 

- I love to listen to rock music but you're unlikely to find me listening to more than 2 bands at one time haha

- I work from a shed in the back garden of our family home. I love it, but my dream is to one day rent out a larger workshop space so that I can work on larger projects and use more tools. 

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